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The SOQI Products focus on various forms of Qi energy offering a unique and total holistic health package. The SOQI products use thermal, motion and electrical energy to promote balance and flow of energy throughout the body. SOQI products are a culmination of over 38 years scientific research. 


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Holistic Massage, Skin Therapist & Founder of Chi Machine Australia - NZ

My Journey

This is my personal story and why I am sharing these wonderful energy health devices to you all!

Since I was very young age, I had chronic asthma, constipation, migraine and constant back pain plus feeling lethargic all the time.  Due to my asthma came on every single night, my father had the heater and every morning at 7 am out in the garden to get the sun for 30 minutes. 

I am very fortunate throughout growing up, my aunt who was a specialised ENT surgeon understood that my body can not able to take prescription medication


We moved to Australia, I was only 13 then.  I noticed that my asthma is actually gone away, I never took any medication.  At this time I still feel tired from migraine and constipation, I guess my mother took me to a doctor in Sydney who prescribed me pain killer and I remembered took them up to 8 tablets a day and didn't really do anything.  I have many medical test and was nothing!

a few years later finally she said to stop taking all pain killers and suggested to have massages and acupuncture.  I found old Chinese Doctor who can not speak English, all he said to me you must be a very upset baby when you were born, I said yes, my mother said I never stop crying, which is mean the baby have discomfort and unhappy. 

So the body have internal blockages, the Chi energy is not flowing freely, this cause by negative emotion which could be carried from the past life.  

He treated me daily for 2 months and finally the migraine gone away for 14 years, till my I started having stress running the wellness centre and gone through personal family issued.

Having amazing experience from acupuncture treatment in the past I decided to go for acupuncture again and met another doctor who suggested have relaxation time and use the Soqi bed twice a day. to keep the circulation going.

I am so much better now, My daily routines includes meditation, soqi bed and E-power for energy. and activated my digestion to absorbs nutrition from food and water..

"When the chi flows, your body will heal itself"

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