Hello I am Marguerite, I am privilege to be part of SOQI business, Chi Machine Australia is Sole distributor for Australia and New Zealand,  

Throughout my healing journey I courages enough to follow my heart and listen to my body,  I have personally experienced to heal myself by using SOQI equipment. For the last 15 years SOQI helped me, relief pain, enhance my energy,  calm my emotion, even tighten my skin throughout the whole body plus I love the feeling of light.  Hence why I created Chi Machine Australia, energy wellness oriented which dedicated for all of you and the world who are looking to heal and take care your body naturally.

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SOQI is unique which provide Total Health Management improves quality of your health by providing combination energies and nutritional enhancement Total Health Management.  We offer so much more than just one single kind of energy or product.  Our unique combination of different types of energy and nutrition is what your body need to maintain optimal health 

SOQI Products focus on various forms of Qi energy offering a unique and total holistic health package. The SOQI products use thermal, motion and electrical energy to promote balance and flow of energy throughout the body. SOQI products are a culmination of over 38 years scientific research.



1. Total Health Management SOQI incorporates natural therapies and high quality products by using the unique “Multiple Energy Approach” for your daily health management. 

 2. Motion Energy The Chi Machine® Therapeutic Massager helps virtually anyone locally relax muscles with little or no effort. Simply lie on your back with both feet placed on the specially designed footrest. The Chi Machine® rocks the entire body from side to side in a gentle rocking motion. 

 3. Thermal Energy The Ceramic Heater™ produces its unique effect through radiant FIR heat. Its unique arched design enhances the thermal-effect. You get total enjoyment – it is easy to use and very comfortable. 

 4. Electric Energy: E-Power is an energy source that your body needs not only to survive, but to thrive! E-Power is the source you need to bring it to you! 

 5. Nutritional Energy A daily dietary supplement for your overall good health. Experience the synergistic benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice  nutritional supplements beverages along with a scientifically and independently certified active ingredients.


"When the chi flows, your body will heal itself" 


When we have negative emotions the Chi energy stop flowing freely,  

The Soqi devices are useful to have when you have very busy life.  I use SOQI twice or more a day to keep the body circulation moving and relax the mind,  feel relax and light and not to mention SOQI reproduce my own collagen to tighten the whole body skin and muscles.

SOQI, meditation, breath exercise is part of my daily routines, all these helps get the body balance by activated my digestion to absorbs nutrition from food and water, 

My tips towards optinum health is that accept and willing to invest the time to heal.  Money mean nothing when you can not do anything in life due to illnesses or any pain.

Wish you all the best in your journey to health and happiness.

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