About SOQI

Hello I am Marguerite, 

I am so privilege to be part of HTE for Australia and NZ, I am Holistic Massage Therapist by trade for the last 35 years, obtained my qualification in Australia,  I have worked with athletes, and many well known health spas as well my own wellness centre.

My love to help others to feel good led me to create Chi Machine Australia and NZ and  Zen Healing space for you to relax and energize.

My mission is promoting community wellness and to inspired you to take care of your own health naturally.


Your Total Health Management 

"Everything Is Energy" 

When we stress the Chi energy stop flowing freely. 

My tips towards optimum health is that accept and willing to invest the time to stop and rest for better health.   

Wish you all the best in your journey to health and happiness. 

With love and care for the people.  


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