How To Save Your Life from Atherosclerosis



What is it?  when you arteries is narrowing cause by build up plaque.  It is important to stop the arteries from narrowing, arteries are the blood vessels which carry oxygen and nutrients from heart to the whole body system.

Build up plaque if form as you get older, therefore it slow down the blood flow through the arteries, which can cause shortage of blood and oxygen into various tissues of our body, plaque can also causing a blood clot, and lead to heart attack, stroke or heart problem.


When the plaque build up and the arteries are hardening restricts the blood flow in the arteries, stop the oxygen flow to your organs and tissues.  The blood need oxygen to function.


  • High Cholesterol, if your cholesterol in your blood are high, may clog the arteries, when becomes a hard plaque blocks the blood circulation to the heart and other organs
  • Stress, if you live in very stressful life, our lung become weaker because we don't breathe properly, therefore not enough oxygen to nourish your blood
  • Age, as we get older our arteries may get weaken and less elastic, heart and blood vessels work harder to pump the receive blood


  • Try to reduce or eliminate food and drinks contains added sugar
  • Avoid salt
  • Avoid fried food
  • Eat slowly and be mindful, chew your food 
  • Meditate daily helps to de stress
  • Reduce dairy products



Ceramic heater is Japanese High Tech Far Infrared health device, designed for todays living. As we move into 21st Century, we find that we are confronted by an increasing plethora of strategies for treating and managing the range of disorders and diseases which afflict us personally and afflict the communities in which we live.  Some of these strategies relate to the revisitation and revitalisation of old knowledge.  For some of these older, but often very well established therapies, there may be a great deal of scepticism and questioning.

The term "far infrared ray" was not very well known to the general public until 1981.  Since then far infrared ray three-zone heaters ad a healing apparatus called the Thermal Acupuncture unit have been developed.  These invention now have attracted the attention of the general public.


Based on composition, the materials used in our daily life and manufacturing process are divided into three categories:  metallic, organic and non-organic.  Ceramics are on of the non-organic materials.

In ancient times, people cut non-organic rock into different shapes and used these rocks as tools.  Later, people learned to make objects from clay and to burn them in fire to make them hard.  The objects made from clay were later called "ceramics", a name from the Greek word "Keramos".  Ceramics refer to objects made from natural minerals or clay and formed into their final shape through a process of baking.

Ceramics not only endure high temperature, but also have a strong insulating property.  Ceramics have become "the third material" used in many Hi Tech areas such as aerospace exploration, electronics, new energy development and biochemistry.  Ceramics made from clay or zircon are of the highest quality, very hard and heat resistant. They generate far infrared rays with a wavelength between 8 to 14 microns

As for human body best absorbs far infrared at approximately 4 to 14 microns, this frequency range is used for therapeutic treatment

"In comparison with a far infrared ray three zone heater made in Finland which requires temperatures between 100 C - 110 C, this heater is more comfortable and safer to use simply because of the lower operating temperature of this newer unit." Ms Yamazaki Toshio

The warm heat from the Ceramic Heater FIR absorbs into your body reduce the arteries from hardening allowing expansion of peripheral the blood vessels which beneficial for the blood flows freely, at the same remove toxic waste products through micro sweat and elimination into the toilet.  Through the detoxification process waste toxic such as sodium, alcohol, cholesterol, heavy metals, sodium are removed from the cells. These process allow the oxygen to nourish your blood which need it to function.

Combination Chi machine and FIR ceramic heater opening the blood arteries and bring the oxygen rapidly to reduce the arteries become hard and maintain it. Sun Ancon Chi Machine is designed specially to improve the oxygen intake, it massages the spine to relax the hard muscle tension and relaxes the nervous system,  40% more oxygen flows through while the machine is one and 60% when the machines stop.  Overall the use Chi machine and Ceramic Heater together relaxes the mind, increase blood circulation, detoxify and energize.

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