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Are you thinking to have your own SOQI Wellness Spa?

Since Covid19 in 2020, people started looking after themselves to improve their wellbeing and immunity

SOQI now available for all Health Care Provider,  Beauty Centre and Fitness Centre or Home Base Wellness Centre

Already a few Wellness Centre in NZ, Melbourne and Tasmania includes SOQI into their existing business


Unique Products

SOQI Total Health Management

SOQI improves your quality of health by providing a combination of energies and nutritional enhancement – the Total Health Management. We offer so much more than just one single kind of energy or product. Our unique combination of different types of energy and nutrition is what your body needs to maintain optimal health. 


Chi Machine Australia helps you to reap the most income with the least risks by using a simple new way to build successful home-based business or add on into your existing health, beauty or wellness business. With no requirement of business experiences and low initial investment, you can work from home at your own pace.

SOQI Total Health Management concepts have proven to be so popular within Health & Wellness businesses around the world!

Fitness Centre:  for Recovery

Chiropractor and Osteopath:  before adjustment & value added as a massage

Massage therapist: offer Soqi massage before or after the remedial massage, lymphatic drainage or relaxation therapy

Beauty therapist:  offer slimming, cellulite or relaxation massage

Naturopath: offer detoxification session

Acupuncture & Chinese medicine: during  treatment, before or after to enhance the relaxation and circulation or add on massage therapy

Yoga centre: offer relaxation session to loosen up their body for flexiblity

Here are some of SOQI Centre from around the world: Singapore, Hongkong, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, St Paul USA and Now Australia!



Example only:

Leasing and Payment plan available for personal use or business.

Lease monthly payment for approx $10,000

Payments are a guide only and subject to approval by our financiers

5 years = $ 240.00

4 Years = $ 285.00

3 Years = $ 367.00

2 Years = $ 530.00

1 Years = $ 1021.00

Holistic business package available now!

Free training.

If you are interested, please email me for more information:


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