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SOQI Natural Energy healing to optimise your health and beauty using the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, the SOQI Bed, Ceramic Heather, and the E-Power Machine - the powers of nature utilized by medically advanced Japanese technology working in perfect harmony with the body, mind and spirit without toxic drugs or invasive procedures.


21st Century Natural Healing Energy Health Care as Nature Intended

It is not enough having good food and vitamin - Your Body Need Electric Energy


CHI (QI) prounance Chee is Vital Life Force Energy which important branch of Taoism and Chinese medicine that activates every function and drives every process in the human body. It is like the electric current running through a computer without it none of the functions works. Human derive primal prenatal energy from two sources, one from the transformation of the prenatal essence stored in the adrenal cortex and sexual glands The circulation of Chi and a balance of negative and positive forms in the body are held most important to good health.  The teaching of Chi is found in many ancient cultures, in Japan called ki, in Hawaii: mana and in India called prana.

When we have strong life force we totally feel alive, calm, present, alert, happy, peaceful and when we feel tired, fatigue, lack of motivation, feel depress, angry and sick our chi is weak.

Good strong chi mean you overcome illnesses faster, become more vibrant, mentally clear and creative.  Traditional Oriental Medicine is focus on balancing our Chi for health and vitality.

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Qigong, Martial Art and Tai Chi practice are Tao healing arts helps to promote  the feeling of chi into our body.  These ancient healing practice bring chi back to our body through breath, heart, movement and mind power to direct the chi flow.

Your Chi must circulate to the whole body constantly in a smooth and powerful action to maintain optimal health, vitality and beauty, keep you away from physical and emotional pain.

Improving and balancing your chi by daily Qigong, Tai Chi, Breathing exercise, when you going through health challenges acupuncture and herbs are helping to boost your chi.

Live in Harmony


Your Body is The Temple of Life, to maintain optimal health we need  Energy, Essence and Spirit which makes Chi.  Part of Qigong and Tai Chi practice are movement, breath which create oxygen, circulation for detoxification, and relax the mind (be in the present). 

Oxygen is essential to health.  human being can still live up to 30 to 40 days without food, without water will only live up to 5 days.  Without air we can no longer talk about one week or 30 to 40 days.  It is only a matter of a few minutes before a person will die without air.  Precisely speaking by "air" we actually mean a very important component of it called Oxygen.  

The condition of oxygen shortage within the body can result in pain, numbness and stiffness, itchiness and sign of inflammation, in the short term, but also ulcers, swelling and tumors may appear in the longer term.  In addition, as the problem progresses a person may exhibit unclear thinking and feel exhausted.  If the shortage of oxygen is great, the heart will eventually stop beating.  It is critical that the body receives it supply of oxygen without interruption.  

The focus is the maintenance of good health is on how to most efficiently utilize the oxygen in the air.  The human body is in good health when red cells in the blood efficiently carry oxygen to the cells in the tissues.  For this reason, the human body is regarded as complicated and sophisticated chemical factory.  The key to staying healthy is to maintain a balance between the supply and consumption of oxygen.  In other words, it's imperative that adequate oxygen is supplied to the body because oxygen is the source of life.  The opening of the trachea and respiratory passages to the external environment by unhindered breathing ensures the body receives sufficient oxygen.  Aerobic respiration exercise can enhance the function of the internal organs.  Doing this exercise helps the trachea and other respiratory passages to increase in diameter so that a person can breathe normally. 

"Shizuo Inoue"


Apart absorbed the oxygen, aerobic respiration exercise is calming the mind, relax and clear the mind, sounder sleep, enhance the lymphatic system which promote detoxification, reduce swelling, relaxes nervous system.

Passive Aerobic Exercise derived from the use of the Sun Ancon Chi machine is an excellent for today's busy lifestyle.  Easy to use and safe time.

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