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Far Infrared Waist Support - Medium


Far Infrared Rays  Waist Support

Use for lower back pain,  posture and also can be use for support your lower back while heavy lifting training.

Far Infrared Waist Support Belt comes in different sizes

Small: 58.4cm - 68.6cm   (23" - 27")

Medium: 71.1cm - 81.3cm (28" - 32")

Large: 83.8am - 94cm (33" - 37")

XL: 96.5cm - 109.2cm (38" - 43")

XXL: 11.8cm - 132.1cm (44" - 52")


  • It helps to reduce injuries caused from sports or heavy lifting.
  • Support the lower back and stomach and warming the body
  • Made from natural energy generating ceramic material with Far Infrared Ray function  to warm up the body
  • Made of refined 100% pure natural energy generating ceramic material, enhanced stitching and knitting.  Special design to allow by ventilation.  Heavy duty velcro for closure.
  • Stimulating the nearby blood circulation, helps relieve aches and enhancing the self healing ability of the human body
  • Suitable for anyone, can be worn at any time all year long,

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