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Detox Foot Patch Tranquility - 20 Patches


Footsies Detox Foot Patch

 Tranquility - 20 Patches


Footsies are a revolutionary, innovative detox foot patch exclusively formulated and produced by a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer. By using reflexology points, the Footsies program comprises one of the most proactive and convenient ways to remove toxins. 

Footsies are an easy to use, all natural detox foot patch. 

Do you suffer from swollen feet? 

Footsies may help to relieve the swelling making Footsies your ideal partner in bed.

Wake up feeling revitalized and healthy glow with Footsies

The unique Footsies range is enriched with a very selective high quality wood and bamboo vinegar to revitalize and absorb the toxins released from your feet.

Tranquility Containing tourmaline, which emits far infrared. Great for those with pre-existing conditions.

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