SOQI Bed – A Total Health Spa 


 The SOQI Bed incorporates HTE’s unique Multiple Energy Approach inspired by the concept of energy healing and a “back to nature” approach as your gateway to improved health. 


Non - Invasive, Non-Toxic products For Better Health & Wellness.  Easy, Simple & Effective! Better Health & Wellbeing Without side Effect! 

SOQI is futuristic energy massage bed and health equipment takes a total health approach, offering a suite of healing devices using motion, thermal and electrical energy.  SOQI products are suitable for home or commercial use.  

Low EMF - 2.0 milligauss, tested on TriField meter

We believe that “SOQI Life” is the solution for today’s hectic lifestyles. It is a comprehensive approach to maintaining overall good health with relaxing and soothing Far Infrared Heat (HotHouse), Negative Potential Energy (E-Power) and along with the gentle movement of the Sun Ancon Chi Machine.  The results are similar to Chi Kung (Qi Gong) (“Energy Exercise”) which is known to give the body a balanced feeling of good health.

The use of SOQI bed and E-Power are excellent healing equipment for Lymphatic drainage, Relaxation, Weight Management, Inflammation, Pain, Big C pain reduction, Sports injuries and many more


New Zealand

$9450 + shipping, doesnt includes tax and duty

normally $10,500

(please email for NZ  shipping quote)

Total  Health Spa for Home & Business

A specially designed all-in-one health device, including: the Chi Machine and three HotHouses, combined with an ergonomically designed massage table and spa music player.


  • Chi Machine
  • Three Grande HotHouses
  • Durable multi-functional design
  • Superior massage table bed body
  • User-friendly touch control panel
  • Built-in MP3 player
  • Ergonomically designed pillow and face-cradle
  • Suitable for everyone – home self care and healing, fitness centers and spas, health professional, massage centre, beauty, fitness centre and weight loss centre


  • Benefits of the Chi Machine and HotHouses all-in-one
  • Motion, Thermal and Music Therapy
  • Effective way to achieve wellness and get your daily exercise at home
  • Pain reduction
  • Weight reduction
  • Allergy improvement
  • Inflammation improvement
  • And more!

How it Works

The SOQI bed is a simple way to receive the benefits of both the CHI machine and Far-Infrared Hot Houses all-in-one. Simply lay in the bed and enable all or one of the desired therapies with the easy-to-use touch control panel. 


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  • Please refer to the Chi Machine and HotHouse precautions respectively 

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