SOQI Thermal Therapy



Beneficial for:  Detoxication - Chronic Pain - Inflammation & Weight Management & Wellbeing

Many people wake up daily with sore muscle inflammation and soreness from common activities.  If you wonder if there is a way to reduce the effects of the pain before it becomes unbearable.  The SOQI HotHouse produces its unique effect through the heat of Far Infrared.  The unique design enhances the effect of the thermal heat within the targeted area.  Having 3 to 7 sessions per week is highly recommended whether for Energy or Recovery.

SOQI Thermal Therapy  produce a warm, comfortable, thermal feeling from Far Infrared Rays,  FIR is the most beneficial ray produced by the sun.  The HotHouse releases an 8 - 10 micron of FIR into the body, creating a vibration, allowing your body to work more efficiently.  These vibrations allow toxic to be released back into the bloodstream and be removed naturally by your body.

The HotHouse Benefits:

  • Increases blood flow by promoting expansion in the capillaries
  • Decreases muscle spasms and soreness.
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation by improving lymphatic flow
  • Removes toxins
  • Weight management

Preparation before your session

Try get into a habit drinking warm water 30 ml every 30 minutes

Casual visits:

30 minutes $35

45 minutes $50

60 minutes $55


10 x 30 minutes $250

10 x 45 minutes $350

10 x 60 minutes $450

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