5 Stars

Megan Shine

I first came across Marguerite via her website in July 2020 when I was looking to buy the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine in Australia. I was also interested in the Far Infrared Hot House. However when Marguerite told me about the E-Power machine I knew instantly that I needed it in my life and bought it without a second thought.

How right my intuition was! With these machines I ended a decade long obsession with expensive skin care, threw away the contents of my medical cupboard and quit my gym membership. I have since bought a Soqi bed and enjoy it every day.

I used to suffer with regular migraines but they have been significantly reduced by regularly use of these machines. A bad headache was even eliminated completely when using the E-Power and rubbing the pained area with water.

Within the first week of using the machines daily I lost weight and cellulite, fixed my water retention issue and felt mental clarity for the first time in a long time.

The following week I had a terrible accident and fell off my mountain bike at speed. I had significant bruising and pain. I was so surprised to find by using the machines my bruises were completely gone within a week, with pain associated with the bruised areas gone within 24 hours!

Now I can’t go a day without using the machines and always look forward to the physical and mental well-being and peace I feel when using them. I can’t recommend these products enough - everyone should have them to help face the stressors of the 21st century with confidence.

Thank you Marguerite for teaching me how to use the machines, there really has been no question you couldn’t answer with your infectious enthusiasm!

5 Stars

Robyn Franklin

Since buying my E-Power machine, I used it daily and have never felt better. I love the wand attachment and use it on my face regularly. My skin felt tighter and soft.

5 Stars

Warren Moore

great massage feel so good very relaxing

5 Stars

Dr Emma Rogers

Marguerite is a beautiful and kind person with lots of helpful advice. The Soqi Bed is amazing and since using it my digestion has improved and my periods have regulated. I feel amazing after using it and I highly recommended

5 Stars

Suzette Payne

Marguerite is the most amazing and caring person and the treatment with the Chi machine, SOQI ceramic heater and the E-Power machine really does work and can really change lives for the better. I have been privileged to have a Chi machine for many years now and I can vouch for its effectiveness and although I have not used the other machines, my niece has and the treatment is already reaping rewards. If you suffer from any form of illness, please give Marguerite the chance to help you.


5 Stars


Chronic Pain from Brisbane, May 2016
I have felt great benefits since using SOQI hot bed. My chronic shoulder pain is now under control and I have lost 2 kg without trying.

5 Stars

Serge Gianolla

Soqi sessions , Very helpful, and relaxing experience added benefits: Weight Loss, Neuropathy issues caused by diabetes improved after 8 days

5 Stars

Sharyn Morwood

Acute Pain RSI
I have used the E Power and Thermal energy twice now and have noticed less acute pain in areas where it made everyday activities hard to do. Now I can do these activities easier and quicker. I have more energy and hungrier. I am naturally a slim person so being hungrier and eating is not an issue

5 Stars

Janelle B

Acne, Fluid Retention, Energy & Relaxation
I feel the Energy facial assist my life in so many ways. Unfortunately my skin is highly effected by my eating habits, lifestyle and hormones. I have suffered acne all through my adult life. When I use the e-power machine my skin inflammation is greatly decreased, along with the redness.
I feel this over my entire body actually not just my face. I seem have less fluid retention and feel so much more healthy. In the past my skin can flair up with acne appearing on my face, back and chest. This often takes over two weeks to clear or improve with conventional methods such as diet changes etc. But after four or five daily sessions I definitely feel my skin inflammation is so much better. Aside from this I practice yoga and have found that the regular e-power sessions, sky rocket my enjoyment of yoga. I feel so grounded. It’s also affecting my piano lessons, to the point where I feel my motivation and concentration levels are greatly enhanced. When I have regular sessions on the e-power machine, my life is effected in so many ways. I cannot help, but feel my whole energy is enhanced – my life force – my chi. Marguerite, like I always have said, you are the chi lady. I really love listening to your advice and knowledge. Thank you.

5 Stars

Sandra DeMarchi

My son's girlfriend used the SOQI E-power yesterday, she has quite a few health problems and sees a Naturopath, who was talking to her about Chi energy.

She has a very low immune system and is doing a really hard double degree in bio mechanical engineering, and under a lot of stress. She has had a sinus infection for a long time, and after being on the machine for 1 hr she said she felt like she had so much more energy, and she could breathe easier, she said one side of her nose had unblocked.

5 Stars

Denise Willingenburn ( Yoga Teacher)

I really love the use of E-Power machine. It is amazing how the body responds and re-charges my battery. My energy directly improves for a couple of days and my high need for sleep is much less when I have used the E-Power. From the outside my skin glows, the thick eyelids, gone! And I always get super thirsty for water to support my body with the detox effect what is happening in my whole body through E-Power machine. I am saving so I can have one at home!

5 Stars

Mary Irene

Thank you Marguerite for the Chi Machine that I brought from you. My hubby had a recent mild stroke and is very happy it helps to relaxes the back muscle from waist down feeling Chi flows through the body. I also use Chi Machine give me feeling Chi flow through the body getting energy. Thank you again Marguerite.

5 Stars

David Sykes

Love using my Chi machine. Great investment in your health and provides healthy circulation. Highly recommended!!

5 Stars

Ines Putzmann

I bought a Chi Machine from Marguerite.She was just lovely to deal with and I am very pleased with my purchase.
Thank you Marguerite !

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