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This website dedicated to natural healing for health, beauty and wellness using the Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, Ceramic Heater, E-Power Body Energizer and SOQI Bed.


SOQI is High Tech health equipment from HTE and are medically advanced Japanese Technology for self healing and practioners tools which are benefits for busy people to bring the energy flow and healthy cells as nature intended to and are base on the Traditional Chinese Medicine principle,  their main focus is improving the Chi (energy flow), circulation and breath. Use for: Pain, Inflammation, Weight, Recovery, Relaxation, Calm Emotion, Daily Wellbeing and Anti-Aging

 "When you feel any discomfort due to muscle pain, joint and nerve, most of us are panicking and first thing you do is go to pharmacies or GP for advice.  How if you change your daily habit by having daily massage in comfort of your own home, your body and mind will more relax and have more energy" 

 "Many wellness centre and therapist incorporate SOQI device to assists their treatment for fast recovery"

Showroom open for public by appointment and offer introductory 10 days SOQI Lymphatic Drainage for healing or wellness session package.  For more info and booking please contact Marguerite 0417 771908

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High Tech Self Care & Healing  products of the 21st Century!


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Sun Ancon Chi Machine 

Passive aerobic exercise and muscle relaxation

The Chi machine enables the human body to gently move from side to side in a wave like motion. Health benefits include:  improved circulation and oxygenation, lymph drainage, spinal alignment and mental focus


  • Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine SDM - 888
  • Whole body exercise without any side-effects
  • Easy to use and carry
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Total Health Spa Massage Bed

A specially designed all-in-one health device, including: the Chi Machine and three Ceramic Far-Infrared Heaters, combined with an ergonomically designed massage table and spa music player. 


  • Benefits of the Chi Machine and Ceramic Far-Infrared Heaters all-in-one
  • Comfortable, high-quality construction
  • Motion, Thermal and Music Therapy

Ceramic Heater

Thermal Far-Infared Warming Unit

The Ceramic Heater applies Far-infrared Heat Therapy - which gently warms you from the inside-out. It increases circulation, encourages muscle relaxation and detoxification and relieves pain, inflammation and swelling. Ceramic Heater also beneficial for pets


  • Available in regular or grande size
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Digital controls with built-in safety features

E-Power Machine

Frequency Energy Healing Device

New Negative Potential & High Frequency

The E-Power Machine provides revolutionary electrotherapy for health and beauty - It increases the negative energy potential of your body and energizes your cells, as well as providing targeted pain relief, pH balance and anti-aging properties.  E-Power massage every single cells in your body.


  • Noticeable results without side effects
  • Easy to use and safe
  • Portable and convenient
  • Usable with the E-Power Wand for face-lifts and meridian massage.


and owners of SOQI Energy Healing Centre & Showroom

Marguerite Tarman

SOQI Energy & Healing Centre

 Lymphatic Drainage & Anti-Aging

 Sunnybank Hills - Brisbane - 0417 771908

Sean Connell

Energy Wellness Healing Clinic 

 Victoria - 0488417788



Tanya Levy

In Purpose - Victoria

Alecia Rayner

Xtending Health & Wellbeing

Burnie -Tasmania

Megan Shine

Shine Healing Centre - Blackbutt


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