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Pyrite  approximately is  0.5kg – 0.8kg

Measurement: 8cm – 10cm

Pyrite was considered a magic stone and a stone of protection. It is still used to shield against negative energy on many levels. 

As the crystals form cubically, pyrite makes a powerful grounding stone (the cube being a symbol of Earth), giving the wearer or holder a sense of containment. 

Many believe it bestows the blessing of abundance.

 Attributes: Strongly grounding and protecting Strengthens the will and encourages the ability to survive. Promotes the desire for further development.

 Reflects away negative energy. Clears and re-aligns lower Chakras, allowing any unwanted or unnecessary energy to drain down and out of the body. 

Draws off heat, and can be useful in treatment of fevers. Can be used in the treatment of anaemia and circulatory problems.   

 Images shown are for illustration purposes.

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