Trapped blood proteins cause pain and loss of energy, disease and death at the cell Level. 

It must be removed and the lymphatic system must be activated to achieve greater health and living pain fre

Lymphatic Drainage 

Holistic Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Five ways of removing toxins from the body. The immune system is one of the ways of removing toxins, with inflammation heavy on the chest from cold and flu it restricts oxygen causing your body to cough and increase body temperature when dealing with infection and viruses. Lymphatic Drainage is the best way to remove toxins, viruses, infection, Lymphatic system increases the circulation of blood to speed up the lymphatic system to clear lymph nodes, clear waste out of your body then health returns,

People with following conditions benefits from Lymphatic Drainage

  • Swelling
  • Weight
  • Circulation
  • Muscular aches and pain
  • Inflammation
  • Fatique

Time: 90 minutes, includes

  • 60 min Manual Lymphatic drainage massage
  • 30 min Thermal therapy Energy therapy

Casual visit: 90 minutes: $120

1 month programme = $1440 (14 visits) = $102 per visit

3 month programme = $4320 (48 visits) = $90 per visit

6 month programme available upon consultation


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