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SOQI is a Japanese Healing Thermal therapy base on the Traditional Chinese Medicine Principle, which focus on the Chi (life force energy)  is an relaxing, simple and easy way to detoxify and improve metabolism of your body. 

SOQI healing thermal therapy benefits everyone to improve chi (life force energy) to create balance to achieve whether is for beauty or health 


SOQI is working on the cellular level, it is holistic therapy, increases the energy, improve metabolism and circulation to create the right internal environment to heal your body

SOQI is gentle, relaxing, simple easy way to detox and energize your body. 

SOQI stimulates the circulatory system, helps regulate the nervous system, boosts the chi (life force energy) to improve your immune system and great for weight reduction and skin tightening..(learn more)

Our  SOQI speciality treatments:

  • SOQI Detox Therapy benefits for general wellbeing, chronic pain and boost circulation
  • SOQi Cellulite and Weight Management
  • SOQI Quantum Energy Therapy benefits to improve your Chi (life force energy), recommended to have this session before SOQI Thermal  therapy to enhance whole body energy and calm the emotion
  • SOQI Quantum Energy Facial Rejuvenation benefits for skin tightening, by increasing the Chi (life force energy) the skin cells start rejuvenate, reduce the puffiness (detoxification effect), tighten and glows.



Research on HOTHOUSE

NEIL VOSS Researcher

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1.      Would you like to virtually eliminate pain in 25 minutes?  

  2.      Would you like to reduce muscle strain?   

3.      Would you like to have air pathways in the Lungs opened up?   

4.      Would you like to increase the Circulation in our cells?   

5.      Would you like to increase Oxygen in the Cells & ferry out Carbon Dioxide?   

6.      Would you like to change the Acid in the cells to Alkaline reducing Lactic Acid?   

7.      Would you like better Detoxify the body and cells?  

8.      Would you like to Decrease Free Radical destruction?   

9.      Would you like to release build up lactic acid and ammonia after exercise?   

10.   Would you like to help Lower Inflammation of Wounds and Tissues?   

11.   Would you like to Reverse the electromagnet fields from computer, TV etc?   

12.   Would you like to increase the extensibility of Collagen Tissues?   

13.   Would you like to reduce Pain and increase Healing from the effects of Cancer Radiation or Chemotherapy treatment?

The Incredible Importance of Nitric Oxide

Fascinating information that may change your
 health in big way!




.The Far Infared Dome uses technology from the NASA space program to make Far Infrared Rays that activate enzymes in the body to create nitric oxide.  

The action of nitric oxide was not discovered until about 1991 by Dr. Salvador Mondada.  And then three Pharmacologists, Robert F. Furchgott, Louis J. Ignarro, and Ferid Murad, won the Nobel Prize in 1996. 

There are over 10,000 Clinical Studies on NO.  

They are listed in
  •  the American Journal of Hypertension
  • American Journal of the AMA 
  • Journal of Immunology
  • Lancet
  • Nature
  • New England Journal of Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • Urology
Recent research shows what nitric oxide does: (A Neurotransmitter that turns things on and off).  Far Infrared rays from the HotHouse activates Arginine in the body to create Nitric Oxide (NO)
  1. “NO (nitric oxide) relaxes arteries, thereby helping to maintain normalizing blood pressure….unless NO is otherwise in short supply in the body: (Improves Heart function).” It directs the beating of the heart, triggering the heart to beat faster or slower. “Dr. Furchgott discover NO is the mechanism relaxing the heart known as the “endothelium-dependent relaxing factor.” Lack of oxygen constricts the heart.  (NO carries oxygen in and carbon dioxide out)
  1. “It helps keep open the coronary arteries, preventing angina pain.”
  1. “It’s a free-radical scavenger that helps to lower serum cholesterol and presevent “bad” LDL cholesterol from oxidizing and becoming worse.”
  1. “It’s a powerful anticoagulant (blood thinner) that helps prevent blood platelets from clumping together and causing heart attack and stroke.
  1. “It enhances blood flow to the penis, helping to boosts erections.” (Like Viagra)
  1. “It enhances sexuality for women as well.”
  1. “It serves as a critical “bullet” by different immune-system cells that use it to kill bacteria and viruses and even shrink some cancerous tumors.”
  1. “It functions as a “messenger molecule” allowing nerve cells and brain to communicate with each other.”
  1. “It is used by the brain to encode long-term memory and ensure blood flow to brain cells.” (Improves memory function)
  1. “It helps regulate insulin secretion by the pancreas, reducing the risk of diabetes.
  1. It helps control the lung airways, allowing one to breathe easier and avoid lung problems.”
  1. “It relaxes “hypertonicsphincter muscles, preventing and healing hemorrhoids.”
  1. “It stimulates the body into releasing the all-important human growth hormone, a key to longevity as well as improvement in body composition by boosting lean muscle mass and bone density while decreasing fat tissue.”(Boost muscle growth)
  1. “Dr. Jonathan S. Stamler at Duke University Medical found NO binds to hemoglobin delivering oxygen to our cells, then ferries carbon dioxide back to the lungs for discharging.” “It regulates all cell function and communication.”
  2. NO helps the body eliminate ammonia that accumulates as a toxic byproduct of muscles building, sprinting, and other short explosive bouts of exercise.” (anti-aging).
  3. "NO regulates the intestinal movement."
  4. "NO directs the muscles of the arms, legs and all bodily movements"
  5. "Diabetes accelerates hardening of the Arteries."  "NO directs the insulin that regulates blood sugar and reduces Lipid peroxidation "Lubec,B.
  6. "NO triggers teh release of Prostaglandins that lower inflammation and pain."
  7. "Drs. Barbul and Albina found NO reduced inflammation and speeded up the rate of healing."
  8. "It inhibits the growth of Cancer Cells. (Hibbs) (Kwon).  It dramatically reduces the pair associated with Cancer.
  9. I have used it and seen it used on hundreds of clients.  In twenty-five minutes I have been to take the pain away in about 90% of the people.

"It has been recently discovered that:

  • Diabetes
  • Oxygen free radicals
  • Hypertension 
  • High cholesterol 
  • Atherosclerosis 
  • Aging of body systems 
  • Coronary heart-disease
impairs the ability of your endothelium to produce nitric oxide when and where is it needed." Johnstone, M.T., Joffee, I.I., Schmidt, H.H., Pieper, G.M

This being true you can probably use the Far Infrared Hot House to warm the endothelium (cells in the walls of blood vessel that regulate clotting) and increase the production of nitric oxide.

 L. John Mason, Ph.D. of the Pain and Anxiety program from the Success Education Center in Cotati, CA had a protocol “by warming the extremities, the hands and then the feet, you can prevent or at least, minimize symptoms of stress that manifest, viz:”

1 “Stress caused or Situational High Blood Pressure”    

2. “Rapid or Irregular heart Rates”    

3. “Migraine headaches”   

 4. “Panic and Anxiety”   

 5. “Many Digestive symptoms”   

 6. “Raynaud’s Syndrome”   

 7. “Many symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction including Infertility, Impotency, and Lower Libido.”  

“Some people believe that they are having a heart attack because often there is chest pain, a shortness of breath, neck or arm pain, major stomach upset, an adrenaline rush, light headedness, dizziness, and other unpleasant feelings of fear and apprehension.”   

 “In order to lower blood pressure, controlling panic/anxiety, preventing migraines, reducing stress, decrease digestive symptoms take a stress card or thermometer and place it on the middle of one of your index finger and big toe. Wait 1-2 minutes and determine the temperature of the skin over the middle of this finger. It will range from 65 degrees to up to 97 degrees. Ideally, you want to have your hands and big toe at about 93-95+ degrees. This warming will let go of constricted blood flow and can be enhanced with the use of the Chi Machine in Conjunction.” (L. John Mason)


 From the Book, “Nature’s Answer to Arthritis, Cancer, & Alzheimer’s Disease” “A natural approach to inflammatory disorders – for Doctors and Patients alike.” By Thomas M. Newmark & Paul Schulick 

“Picture an inflamed area (of the body) engorged (with pain). Then through chemical signals you summon for help the cytokines and chemokines to identify the problem. These summon the angry white blood cells, firing away with their oxidative ray guns.” They are shooting bursts of free radicals of oxygen at invaders. We mean this literally - that’s one of the ways white blood cells work. They work by producing free radicals to act as biological thieves, to steal electrons to assist the breakdown of damaged tissue or invading foreign substances.”  

What do scientists know about nitric oxide (NO)?

(1)   “nitric oxide flits about the body at speeds almost too fast to measure. One researcher finds it difficult to understand, “it is everywhere and it’s nowhere.” It appears to travel just below the speed of light.” As soon as it delivers its message by photon light it disintegrates and is gone   

(2)   NO is a free radical creator and identifier determining which bad cells are to be destroyed. It is involved in the process to oxidize the bad fats and toxins in the body. Without NO we would have a toxic dump in our body.   

(3)   “nitric oxide (NO) plays a role in regulation of brain activity and (detection of) inflammation of brain plaque.”   

(4)    “nitric oxide plays a part in inhibiting and blocking COX 2 inflammation of wounds and tissues for all diseases with a lot of research for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, Arthritis & Cancer.”   

(5)    “nitric oxide facilitates the changing & maturing of thought into action.”   

(6)   It is thought to be a “messenger molecule.” Bredt DS, Snider SH: nitric oxide: A physiologic messenger molecule. Annu Rev Biochem 1994;63:175.   

(7)    “It is at the root of many disease conditions including Arthritis and Cancer.”   

(8)    “L- Arginine and other enzymes convert to nitric oxide, which detoxify cells.” The drug Viagra creates nitric oxide. NO is involved in male erections.”   

 From the Textbook, “Harper’s Biochemistry,” 24th edition Chapter 58

(1) “NO is formed from either the enzyme Arginine or from nitrite formed from glyceryl trinitrate during metabolism in the body.” 

(2) “NO is formed in the endothelial cells from Arginine and Calcium and causes the smooth muscle cells to relax.” This means the hot house is a good preparation before massage or during massage. 

(3) “This contraction-relaxation cycle of 3-4 seconds of NO generates storage of ATP (energy), which provides the energy for the skeletal muscles.” 

(4) “NO has a very short half-life (approximately 3-4 seconds) in tissues, because it reacts with oxygen and superoxide. The superoxide combining with NO decomposes into a highly reactive OH free radical identifying the bad cells for destruction by T cells and killer cells.” If bad cells are not destroyed, cancer cells accumulate.” (Mongada) 

(5) “NO causes vasoconstriction, the narrowing and contraction of blood vessels.” 

(6) “NO is of major importance in maintenance of blood pressure.” 

(7) “NO causes a resistance to vascular stroke.” (Loscalzo) 

(8) “NO is a beneficial neurotransmitter in the brain and peripheral autonomic nervous system.” This causes the parasympathetic nervous system to turn on and all the muscles and body systems to relax causing the body to become unstressed and relax. 

(9) “NO reacts with the primitive immune system” to enhance the immune system.

(10) “NO inhibits adhesion activation, and aggregation of platelets.” It keeps the individual blood cells from sticking and coagulating together allowing oxygen and nutrients to get into the cell and wastes to get out.

(11) “NO plays a role in neurotoxicity (of nerve cells), detoxifying the neuron cells,” and all other individual cells of the body. 

(12) “Keeps the DNA (cell duplication) and ATP (energy storage & production) from becoming overrun by toxins and chemicals.” 

(13) You must do something to enhance processing of toxins and free radicals by the cells when using the hot house by drinking water before and after and encouraging one to use the bathroom  


From the Book, “Doctors’ Secrets, The Miracle of Antioxidants By Donald M. McLeod M.D. & Philip A. White M.D.


 “Free radical fighters such as nitric oxide and superoxide are used as toxins by cells of the immune system to destroy viruses and bacteria, and free radicals are used as well to kill cancer cells. Further, nitric oxide is always necessary to the body in helping regulate blood vessel dilation, and thereby, the circulation of blood. It is beneficial Arthritis, Inflammatory Disease, the Immune System, and Lung Disease.” p 40, (Hilliquin) (Hamid)

“NITRIC OXIDE is beneficial in Renal Health and Disease.” (Kone) 

"Nitric oxide assists in regulating the flow of blood by controlling the constriction or relaxation of muscles in blood vessels. In a similar way it affects muscles in the digestive tract, thereby aiding in digestion. It also serves as a signaler in turning genes on and off, and as a neurotransmitter, where it plays a part in brain cell communication. p 166.   

 “NITRIC OXIDE plays a significant role in the immune system.  Some of the immune cells produce nitric oxide with which to destroy invading bacteria, or rogue cancer cells. nitric oxide, generated by the action of nitric oxide synthase, is produced in other parts of the body including the endothelium (lining artery walls), in central and peripheral nerve cells, in skeletal muscles, and in the epithelial cells lining the bronchi, uterus, and stomach. “ P. 167.   

 “NITRIC OXIDE is important in dilation of Blood Vessels preventing artery spasms leading to Heart Attacks and in lowering blood pressure.” S. Taddei, et.al. Circulation 97:222-29, (1998) 

 The H (Homocysteine) Factor Solution by James Braly MD 

 “Postmenopausal women experiencing Estrogen deficiency also have nitric oxide deficiencies.” 

 “NITRIC OXIDE is a potent antioxidant, neurotransmitter & artery wall relaxer.” Another big factor in high blood pressure and heart attacks is a deficiency of nitric oxide in your artery walls. nitric oxide regulates muscle tone of the arteries. nitric oxide prevents arteriosclerosis and injury to vessel walls. It is also a powerful antioxidant, anti inflammatory, brain cell protector, neurotransmitter (chemical messages in the brain) memory and learning enhancer.” 

 “The more nitric oxide produced in arteries, the more the muscles relax and increase in diameter. Blood Pressure also falls in the process. Nitric Oxide also causes the bladder wall to relax.”  oxide and high glutithione lowers Homocysteine from the amino acid methionine.  When we eat too much meat, cheese, and protein too much homocysteine is created from the amino acid methionine. When the methlation process is going on, our DNA can not repair itself and puts us at risk of cancer, Heart attacks, and autoimmune disease. High homocysteine causes oxidation and aging, weakens the immune system, damages the brain, lowers IQ, increases pain, inflammation, blood clots, creating problems of detoxing, risk of cancer, heart problems, stroke, diabetes, ages the brain, hormonal problems, lowers vitamin B’s and SAMe.” 

 From the Book “The Natural Pharmicist” by Steven Bratman, M.D. 

 “If you are exposed to nitric oxide you need extra Vitamin B 12 & B 6.” 


James Braly, “The H Factor Solution”

“Low levels of nitric oxide cause high homocysteine. which is associated with increased risk of Alzheimer’s.” “Another big factor in High Blood Pressure & heart attack is a deficiency of nitric oxide in the artery walls. nitric oxide regulates muscle tone of the arteries. nitric oxide prevent arteriosclerosis & injury to vessel wall. It is also a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, brain cell protector, neurotransmitter (sending chemical messages in the brain).”

“Another big factor in High blood Pressure & Heart Attack risk is a deficiency of nitric oxide in your artery walls. This highly versatile and important biochemical regulates the muscle tone of arteries. NO also prevents Atheriosclerosis and injury to the vessel wall. At the same time, it functions elsewhere in our bodies as a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, brain-cell protector, neurotransmitter (chemical messenger in the brain), and memory and learning enhancer, relaxes the bladder wall and dilates the airways.” P 75

“The more nitric oxide produced in the arteries, the more the muscles relax & increase in diameter. Blood Pressure also falls in the process and the bladder wall also relaxes.”

“When high methylation, from high homocysteine, is going on, our DNA can not repair itself and puts us at risk of cancer and autoimmune disease.”

  • “High homocysteine
  • accelerates oxidation and aging       
  • weakens the immune system ·
  • damages the brain ·        
  • lowers your IQ, increases pain ·         
  • inflammation ·       
  •  blood clots ·        
  • causes problems of detoxification ·         
  • increases the risk of cancer ·       
  •  ages the brain ·        
  • creates hormonal problems ·       
  •  creates diabetes ·        
  • stroke ·
  •  dilates the airways, 
  • and lowers vitamin B and SAMe.”
“High homocysteine (and low levels of folic acid) also affects a gas that is crucial to arterial flexibility: nitric oxide.” p. 26 

 “High Homocysteine not only lowers normal nitric oxide production and interferes with magnesium (both of which raise blood pressure), damages the walls of the arteries, oxides LDL cholesterol, makes the blood stickier and more likely to clot abnormally. “ “Cardiovascular Disease, poor blood circulation to the brain, silent strokes, as well as low levels of B Vitamins, methylation, SAMe, nitric oxide, and glutathione—all of which homocysteine does cause –are associated with increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. “p 92

(It appears the Far Infrared Hot House can enhance the need for extra nitric oxide)

“Estrogen-deficient postmenopausal women have B Vitamin deficiencies, zinc, and magnesium deficiencies, methylation deficiency, SAMe, nitric oxide, and Glutathione deficiencies and high homocysteine levels.

” From the Book “The High Blood Pressure Hoax,” by Sherry A. Rogers, M.D., p. 30.

 “When the blood vessel lining, the endothelium, is diseased or damaged it no longer works or functions like it should. It tends to tighten and cause high blood pressure or form clots that lead to heart attacks and strokes. Luckily, NO (nitric oxide gas made in the innermost blood vessel endothelial lining) also heals damaged blood vessels. But when blood vessel wall become loaded down with cholesterol, they don’t send out their message to make vessel-expanding (vasodilating) nitric oxide very well.”

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