Flood Yourself with Oxygen!

Dr Shizuo Inoue

Human Beings have always hoped to stay fit and live forever.  Dr Shizuo Inoue has promoted a theory which related to health and oxygen, his methods to improve the efficiency of oxygen are so simple that everyone is able to use and apply them. In my opinion a posture that is in concert with the law of gravity strengthens the spinal column and gathers one's vitality and strength into the pubic region.  

For people who wish to live a long and healthy life and the prevent the onset of senile dementia, passive aerobic exercise by Sun Ancon Oxygenation - Chi Machine may be quite rewarding and beneficial experience. It is only a matter of a few minutes before a person will die without air, air mean oxygen


Chi Machine - The Original

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Passive Aerobic Exercise & Therapeutic Massager

Model SDM-888


$760, gst incl + Shipping, RRP A$816

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Foot Rest Cover + Chi Machine E-Book + 2 years warranty

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The Sun Ancon Oxygenation machine enables the human body to gently move from side to side in a wave like motion. Health benefits include:  improved circulation and oxygenation, detoxification, lymph drainage, spinal alignment and mental focus.  

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  • Original Sun Ancon Oxygenation Machine
  • FREE Foot Rest Cover and Chi Machine E-Book Included
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Suitable for massage therapy, chiropractic and home-use


  • Improved circulation & oxygenation
  • Detoxification
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Spinal Alignment
  • Relieves chronic back pain & relaxes muscles
  • Accessible exercise without any side-effects
  • Tones and firms (waist, thighs, buttocks, hips, abs)

How it Works

The Sun Ancon Oxygenation - Chi Machine® Therapeutic Massager helps virtually anyone locally relax muscles with little or no effort. Simply lie on your back with both feet placed on the specially designed footrest. The Chi Machine® rocks the entire body from side to side in a gentle rocking motion.  


Hear the interesting stories from our lovely customers.


"Very pleased with my Sun Ancon Oxygenation - Chi Machine. It is very reliable and runs smoothly every time. I find it very relaxing to use at the end of the day."

by David Skyes


I felt great afterwards and have been sleeping really well since.

by Ross Stiles



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WARRANTY: 2 years 


Voltage: 240v / 50Hz
Power consumption: 34W
Weight: Approx 10 kg
Measurement: Approx 33.7 cm x 30.2 cm x 21.2 cm
Operation Frequency: 140 oscillations per minute.
Operation width: Approx 37/mm
Research and Development by Dr.Shizuo Inoue.
Colors: White and Grey


  • Do not use during pregnancy
  • Do not use within three months of major surgery or bone fracture
  • Do not use if suffering from epilepsy
  • Do not use within 30-minutes after eating a meal 

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